Ferrari Dino Car Workshop

Henry Clever has specialized for many years in the restoration of Ferrari Dino vehicles. Because of his experience in motor sports, Henry Clever initially focused on the complete overhaul of technology, especially engines, chassis and gearboxes. Due to his many years of experience, Henry Clever has become so extremely familiar with the entire technology and electrics of the Ferrari Dino that he now restores vehicles from the ground up.

Both the complete total restoration and the partial restoration are offered. In the "Dinogarage" in Gelnhausen, just 25 minutes away from Frankfurt am Main, all kinds of repair work can be carried out, such as body work, painting and services. Henry Clever is also available to procure spare parts.

Henry Clever Dinogarage
Zingelstrasse 4
63571 Gelnhausen
Telephone: 0049 6051 5572
E-Mail: henry @

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